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About me

Wouldn’t you love to have photographs taken of your beloved pets by a photographer (a qualified one no less..!) who loves animals as much as you do?  Wouldn’t you love to have those images captured by someone who takes as much time as it takes to get the images that truly represent your pet? Their expressions, their little quirks and those funny things they always do… And finally, to have the images that you have chosen to hang on your wall or have in a book, printed and fussed over by the photographer so that the lasting memory of that beloved pet, is perfect?

I am sure that you would!

A little bit about me then.  The reason I went into photography, and in particular pet photography, is because there is nothing, simply nothing, to beat looking back over old photos of your dogs and horses.  I know that when I look at photos of my beautiful horses and dogs who are no longer with me, I still smile and feel warm when I see those images.  It is so important to capture those memories, to record the things they do, the looks they give us and the relationship that we have with them.  For this reason, I have worked really hard to become the type of photographer that I would want to photograph my animals.  I am an Associate of the Master Photographers Association (which is based in the UK) which means that the quality of my work has been judged to be of a high and consistent quality.  I truly care about every shoot that I do and I fall in love with the animals I photograph.

Again (and sorry about the I, I, I), a little more about me… I have had horses for over 30 years, bred them, raced them, trained them, ridden them but above all, loved them.  Horses are simply the most magnificent, beautiful, expressive, charming, frustrating (yes, that too!) but ultimately wonderful animals – all horses, not just the fancy ones but also the steady ones, the safe ones and the ones who stand there and let you bury your face in their necks when the world gets too much for you.  Every one deserves to be honoured by having stunning timeless photographs taken of it.  Every single one.

And then there are our dogs.  Much of what I have said about our horses could apply to our dogs, except of course that they share our homes as well as our hearts and they too deserve all the photographs we can take of them.  To some, dogs are as important as children and why not?  Their loyalty and love is given so freely and we are richer for it.

So, if you would like photographs of those wonderful animals that share your life, give me a call, send me an email.  You can tell me all about your horses and dogs and I will listen to you with as much attention and interest as I would wish when I talk about my horses and dogs.  And then, I will photograph them and you will get lasting and truly treasured images that you will love forever.

Oh yes, at the top of the page I said that I am a qualified photographer…well, I am an Associate of The Master Photographer’s Association, a professional body that not only determines the quality of a photographer’s work via the medium of qualifications (Licentiate, Associate and Fellow) but also insists on maintaining professional standards. If I can I will go for my Fellowship but we’ll see!